Who is Mintti?

I have got a lot of new friends in Germany. I ´m writing here few words about me even my english is not perfect.

Mintti and Rociero in col. Carde clinics
in year 2014moved to Germany, Munich 07/2017.
I moved with my family to Germany, near Munich in july 2017.
My husband got a new job from here. At first I will take a break and help our children to start their schools here in Germany. Later I have plans to continue my work with horses and all who are willing to get my professional help.

I have worked with horses almost whole of my life and at same time I have studied other professional. Mostly I have worked as a freelancer trainer in many places around Finland. I have given clinics in Hungary and Ireland too.

I have ridden a lot in my younghood, I have worked at  a breeding stable from year 1988 to 1994, where I rode a lot and started to keep riding lessons in very early age. I got wonderful possibility to learn by doing with young horses, foals, breeding stallions and mares. 

Mintti and new forest pony stallion Ekeholms Bacardi
in competition (120 cm) about year 1993

I believe, that is the reason why nowadays I can understand horses quite well also from small gestures, muscles tightness and posture of horses. This is of course what I learn every day more and more.

I have a versatile and long history with horses.
I have been working also as a course designer quite many years (over 10 years) in Finland in national level. I build up to 130 cm classes in show jumping competition. At the same time I took part of show jumping competition, not high classes, but enough high to me to keep fun and make exciting life. =)

Mintti and Elegance S in col. Carde clinic in Espoo year 2006

I have took part of col. Christian Carde's clinics quite many times since year 2006.
Unfortunatelly lately I have had a few years break in my riding, even riding is the most interesting and fasinating thing to me.
I love to find co-operation and confidence together with horses. I have got a lot of wonderful informations and principles from col. Carde. I tried to share those ideas as well as I can forward to my students.

My own riding I am not so concentrated to a performance at first but I am very interesting to get confidence and calmness together with the horse. After finding confidence and calm mind-set in my experience then we are able to perform our best performance of that day. Priority to me is a mental balance and then of course a performance. But not other way. Of course sometimes we need to scretch a little our limits, but not too much and too quicly out from our comfort zone.

Animal trainers Tuire Kaimio, Minna Tallberg,
Anna Kilpeläinen and Mintti Käkelä have lectured
by the wellfare of horses all around in Finland.
I have been owner of riding school about 3 years of my life before my children, more longer time I have given riding school lessons.

After that I have been as freelancer riding trainer and horse trainer, I have travelled around Finland a lot. My students have been all kind of riders and horse owners. Also ridings school companies have ordered from me some special courses.

Also I have made co-operation with the Equestrian Federation of Finland as a lecturer of the wellfare of horses.

I have been teacher in vocational schools where riding instructors and animal trainers studying.

PedaEquest concept

With my skilful colleague and good friend Anna Kilpeläinen we have created and developed together registered trademark and concept named PedaEquest. Anna continue this informative work with PedaEquest Education in Finland. I might continue with PedaEquest here in Europe.

You can read about Anna´s brilliant blog here. This wonderful post is about horse´s learning in english. From there you can find also other posts in english.

We are putting in a same package the learning theory and natural behaviour of horses and all those information which we have understood from many wonderful teachers (for example col. Carde). And one of the most important thing to us is how we teach those ideas, we use pedagogical tools as well as we are able to use those.

My ideas of the nowadays horse world
The most important things to me are helping riders to get enough information and experience that they can do works with horses which lead every day step by step towards to a goal, which take consider at the same time mental and physical point of view with co-operation and confidence with horses. The goal could be like getting more and more riding skills to help horse to be wellfare and nice life with humans.

At first I realized in my own growing path, that we need to do something for wellfare of horses. Of course we all need to understand what kind of animal horses are, how they learn and what kind of principles are behind of development horses. One thing is to share important informations about those things.

But later on when I studied pedagogic and teaching more deeply I figured out we need to do also something about the wellfare of humans. In my opinion if we don´t feel psycological safety of our society (horse world), we started to behave differently than when we feel safety. Then I realized that Some of us abuse horses because of inner fear and unsafety, some of our horse society are afraid of others, condemning of other, and because of that we try to growth from outside not inside. We try to get as much property, respects from others because of outer growth of ourselves.
In my believe system when we growht from inside we understand we don´t need abuse any animal or human to be a great. We are great and perfect without any action if we feel psycological secure. Then we can thrust our inner wisdom which automatically lead to choices which increace others inner security also humans and animals.

In my opinion it is important to know what is good and what is bad. But after that separation I recommended only to help peolpe find their inner security and do by themselves good choices.
From joy, positive mindset and enought information we all are capable to do good choices with our horses and spead good mood and psycological safety for every one of our community.

If we condemn all those who make mistakes (because of lack of inner security of those humans or lack of knowledge) we decrease inner security of those humans and we also put our own mind nearer to negative mood, which not help us to make good choices.

I don´t believe that world can be change by condemning. I may be wrong about that, but I try to see all those who don´t handle horses well that they don´t feel well enought, even they are very big outside, they can be very small inside or they have been guided by not-so-well educated and informed teachers or social environment or both at the same time.

If we understand that we are perfect as we are now, even with our body lackness and all lack of skills, then we can ride leading by joy and togetherness with horse. And enjoy every moment with our horses and learn new skills every day without pressure, and even then we can be as a competitive riders only because of joy. Riding is so wonderful and magnifient. I love to see that kind of riding even it is very low level, it doesn´t matter. Lately I have had priviledge to work with that kind of riders.

Something like a CV
Mintti and Fighting Fierce in 2015
I graduated by riding instructor and animal trainer. Also I have graduated by MSc from University of Oulu and I have studied vocational teacher qualification in Oulu University of Applied Science. Also I have studied management and leadership.

I have had one woman company from year 2001 to 2017 in Finland. I quit my company for a while, but I am waiting for a right moment when I will start again.

Namaste for all.  <3 p="">